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Self-help treatment for stress incontinence

Pelvic floor exercises are the correct treatment for the vast majority of women suffering from stress incontinence.

(If you haven't already, please visit the Stress Incontinence section of this site for more on this.)

Pelvic floor (or Kegel) exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are simple to perform on your own at home, if you have the appropriate information and guidance and the motivation to persevere.

The self-help route may not work for everyone, but it will work for most. Given the right guidance and motivation, there is a 70-80% likelihood that pelvic floor exercises will be all that you need.

Click here for more on self-help pelvic floor exercises.

Behavioural changes

In addition to pelvic floor exercises, there are a number of behavioural changes that you can make, which will help to manage or reduce the symptons on stress incontinence.

You can find out more here.

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