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The elephant in the room

More than 4 million women in the UK alone suffer urinary stress incontinence. 

It’s a debilitating condition that can impact on every part of their daily lives, with too many sufferers merely managing the symptoms and not effectively treating the cause.

The shame of it is that it needn’t be like that. Stress incontinence is the result of a weak pelvic floor and in 85% of cases a weak pelvic floor can be treated. 

Out the elephant

We believe that if pelvic floor weakness and it's associated problems, most importantly stress incontinence, were talked about openly, we would be half way to ending the suffering of women across the UK and beyond.

We are working on a campaign to out the elephant - if you would like to be kept in touch with developments, please contact theelephant@stress-incontinence.info.

Thank you