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What can I do about my stress incontinence?

This is the good news bit. In most cases, stress incontinence is easily treatable, with no medical intervention.

A straightforward solution

For most people suffering from urinary stress incontinence, there is an effective solution - to get your pelvic floor fit and healthy.

Pelvic floor muscle training is your route to pelvic floor fitness. It is straightforward, but not necessarily easy. Like any training regime, it will involve a degree of focus, hard work and assistance. You may need help and guidance to find a suitable exercise programme and to make sure that you are exercising correctly.

You may also need help to keep motivated. You will need to stick to your programme, if you are to achieve the results that you want.

And you will need to make pelvic floor muscle training a part of your life over the long-term, if you want to avoid the problem coming back.

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