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Stress incontinence - a treatable condition


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Take control of your stress incontinence

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Do you need to manage your bladder? Do you avoid doing things "just in case"? Do you worry about an accident? Have you changed your lifestyle as a result?

If this sounds familiar, or you identify with any one of the people featured below, then this is a sign you suffer from stress incontinence and you are in the right place.

But there is good news - it is simple to treat.

You have a choice ... stress incontinence is treatable

Stress incontinence affects millions of women in the UK. But in most cases, it is an avoidable condition.

Because stress incontinence is the result of a weak pelvic floor and your pelvic floor is made up of muscles, exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor provide an effective treatment in most cases.

This means that you are in a position change your life for the better - you have a choice to continue to suffer or to take control and find an effective treatment.

This website can give you the understanding and support that you need to find a real solution to set you free from incontinence! And don't worry, it's completely free to use.

GET STARTED - make your choice
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Is this you?

Stress incontinence effects many women in many different ways. But it doesn't have to. 

We know these people. And they are all people who have overcome stress incontinence, using the understanding, advice and techniques on this website.

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